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How can I use rack cards to promote my business?

Rack cards can be one of the most popular ways to market products and reach new customers. They work for all sorts of businesses and purposes. Here are some great ways you can use rack cards to promote your business.

List of Services

If you’re a business that provides services to customers, a rack card is an excellent way to create mini-menus of everything you provide. Having a clear heading on the front and a brief introduction will allow potential clients to get to know your business. Providing a list of services will help people feel more at home when ordering from you – and they’ll be tempted to take your rack card home with them to serve as an easy reminder of your business when they’re not nearby.

Audience Type or Segment

Another way to divide up rack cards is to make individual ones that might appeal to different types of audience. If your business, for example, provided cleaning services, you might want to make rack cards to distribute to the different kind of clients you have, such as offices, restaurants, homeowners, or franchises.

Make sure to keep your branding across your different rack cards, but vary things enough so that a viewer’s eye can easily pick up that each card is different.

As a coupon or voucher

Postcards can be beautiful.

Postcards can be beautiful.

“Free sample with this coupon!” may only take up a small amount of space. That means the entire rest of the page is available for your marketing materials. Adding a monetary value to the piece of paper you are giving to the customer, however small, means that your marketing materials suddenly become that much more precious. Be sure to give clear instructions on how it is to be used and expiry dates. Coupons are also an excellent way to approach Customer-based Marketing or Direct Response Marketing as it gives a business insights into how their message is travelling.

Per product, service, commodity…

We see this most clearly in real estate businesses: a new property becomes available and the realtor rushes to get rack cards made for it. Ones that focus on the realtor and their services, but also informational sheets to tell your about the features and highlights of the property. This easily translates to any business with a wide variety of products, so that you know your marketing is getting into the hands of the people that really care about it.

Once you have your design, we can print it for you. Don’t have a design? One of our designers will happily put one together for you – enquire today!