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At Creative Approach our clientèle are important to us.

As creative creatures ourselves  – we understand the process, the trials and tribulations of working in a competitive industry. We understand the elation that success brings. This blog shares the success of our clients with the world as a way of showing off the brilliant talent that walks through our doors regularly.

This, the first in this series, covers author, entrepreneur, athlete and veteran Brandi L. Benson . In 2009, during Brandi’s first tour of duty in Iraq she was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma – an aggressive soft tissue cancer with a high mortality rate.

Putting all of her focus and energy into healing and overcoming such a pessimistic forecast, Brandi went into remission and embarked on a new journey. Her first task was to write a book of her experiences to give hope and comfort to those who are also suffering.

“It’s a story of hope – hope for people who have undergone traumatic events,” says Brandi, “Everyone thought I was going to die and I thought you don’t have to be a victim, and I’m definitely not going to be a victim twice.”

With her family first and foremost in her mind, she was worried she might leave behind people without anything to remember her by, “I thought I was going to die and I didn’t want my nephew to grow up without knowing me so I started to write a journal. When I started getting better and I thought that if I was going to live, I wanted to make that journal into a book.”

“I went to school at SCAD and used my book as a thesis. I took a Masters in Writing and a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication and wrote and published it. Fiction is so descriptive and makes you feel things, and I wanted to bring that to this book in hope that people who are suffering or their families would have some faith when they read it.”

Now a published author, she regularly tours to speaking engagements and book signings to promote the book and the many causes close to her heart.

Branding is an important part of any marketing and we’re proud to show the banners and business cards that Brandi uses are printed by us in our Savannah, GA store . The commitment to making the best presentation you can is carried through in Brandi’s business venture, too: Resume Advantage , a business aimed at developing business connections and streamlining the interview process for their clients.

“We make a lot of strategic letters and resumes – and cover how to present yourself to employers and get a job. We create websites and website design, write biographies and start 90 business plans for those looking to step up their career, or for veterans returning to civilian life.”

So what tips does Brandi have for presenting yourself well and getting the job you feel you deserve? “I would recommend learning what the key buzzwords are for your industry and use them in your resume. Use lots of numbers and facts, let people see the proof of what it is you’ve done. Don’t be vague: say why it is that you are the best.”

Asked why her promotional materials bear the caption, “Defeat With Purpose” she says, “I’m always encouraging people to be their own advocate. Finding the reason why you’re fighting something is important – to do it with purpose, defeat what you’re going to defeat with purpose. Do it for a reason. Everyone has an enemy to beat, when the enemy is vague your strategy is vague. Know what you’re going to beat and how you’re going to do it.”

Creative Approach sees many people come through our doors, from large corporate clients to bars and restaurants, to individuals trying to make a difference. We asked Brandi why she chose Creative Approach.

“I love you guys! Everyone is approachable, knowledgeable, treats you like a person, treats you with respect. Creative Approach helps me out so much, and gives me ideas. The place has a great atmosphere. They even helped me pick out my business cards by touching and feeling the paper. “

Brandi’s hopes for the future look to starting a charity and writing a children’s book and we look forward to helping and supporting her work with our creative services as best we can.