Create your own booklet. Booklets work well for a variety of applications including brochures, product guides, service manuals, magazines and self-published books. Our range of card and paper stocks include matte and glossy finishes to give your booklet printing project a unique finish. Read more information below, or request a quote today:

The team at Creative Approach are specialists in high-quality full-color booklets with a wide variety of options including saddle stitching, spiral binding, perfect binding, scoring and stapling.

Talk to us today for your next print booklet project, we provide the widest range of print products including eco-friendly materials and printing processes.

Our state-of-the-art digital printing presses provide an efficient, cost effective and consistent printing result each and every time and we also offer next day booklet printing for pickup at either location.

As booklets need to be attention grabbing and attractive, talk to one of our team to organize our in-house designers to design your next printing booklet to get the best results from your next project.


Perfect Binding

Best for a soft-cover book or booklet, the perfect binding process stacks the pages together into a block, then both the pages and cover are glued together using a flexible and strong thermal glue at the spine. The edges of the book are then trimmed once the glue dries, giving fantastic durability and a professional look.

Saddle Stitching

A saddle staple is a small piece of C-shaped wire which is punctured through the spine of a book. The saddle-stitching method uses these saddle staples to bind together the sheets of paper. A single stitched booklet ends up with 4 pages, therefore a double stitched booklet is 8 pages, and triple is 12 pages. This binding method is used in magazines, newspapers, programs, and booklets.


Spiral Binding

Coil binding, or spiral binding is the most popular binding for print products. This process is uses a special binding machine to puncture the sheets along one side creating holes which then have a plastic spiral coil spun through the holes, holding the sheets together. Most commonly seen on notebooks and documents and allows documents to sit flat on a table with 360 degree rotation of the pages.

Wire Binding

Wire binding uses a long piece of C-shaped metal coil and a binding machine giving a finished result similar to spiral binding. Popular with the print of journals, notebooks and reports, the binding machine pricks holes along one side of the paper sheets then spins the wire through the holes before flattening the protruding endings of the wire; this holds the sheets firmly together.

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