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Creative Approach has assisted local non-profit organization Loop It Up Savannah in getting their #ArtSmartActivityKits – which include books, a sketchbook, coloring and activity books and sheets, art paper, water color paints, games and toys, drawing and painting supplies – printed and delivered to local families in need.

Although the social distancing we’re all experiencing may have stood in the way of how these kits are normally produced, Loop It Up turned to the local community for assistance and Creative Approach was only too pleased to help. Cale from Creative Approach made the final delivery (keeping social distancing in mind), but the whole team put their all into making sure the printed booklets and materials were made and sent in time,

“When my team and I realized that all of our normal programs would be cancelled for the foreseeable future, we decided that we needed to do something to continue to connect and engage with our kids,”

says Molly Lieberman, executive director of Loop It Up Savannah.

Loop It Up Savannah, which started as a children’s knitting and crocheting program has been expanding over the past few years and has had to radically transform during the COVID-19 events. They are hoping to be more accessible at the time when everyone is staying in.

On Facebook, Molly says of Creative Approach CEO Cale Hall : “Love this man and his selfless heart! Thank you Cale Hall for always being willing to help others!”

An Art Smart Activity book
An Art Smart Activity book

Creative Approach is looking for ways to help others in the community as well, and you can get in touch via our “Contact Us” page.

Molly Lieberman, starting as a volunteer with the program, has helped it blossom into the youth arts program it is today. “Loop it Up Savannah is a youth arts and enrichment non-profit,” Lieberman said, according to DoSavannah .

“We bring programs including all types of visual arts, music, dance, gardening, cooking, yoga and mindfulness to over 10,000 children throughout Chatham County each year via partnerships with schools, community centers and non-profits. We typically have programming running in 15-25 locations at any given point in the year, both after school and in the school day as well as through summer camps in the summertime.”

She continues, “Loop it Up has made art kits for kids to take home in the past, which we were actually in the process of evolving into art and literacy kits,” said Lieberman. “We decided that the isolated climate that COVID-19 has created for our community was the ideal time to get busy making the #ArtSmartActivityKits!”

Art Smart Activity Kits aren’t the only home programs that kids can look forward to. Loop It Up has also created video workshops that will be available on their Facebook page .

A child at a Loop It Up Savannah workshop.
A child at a Loop It Up Savannah workshop.

“The videos will for the most part be walking kids and families through simple projects that they can do at home, either with the supplies provided in our kits, or with basic items that many people would have at home,” says Lieberman.

If you would like to get involved and support this organization, Loop It Up has given the community several ways to do so. Visit to make a financial donation or contribute to their online wishlist. Individuals can give handwritten notes of love and encouragement to be included in the Art Smart Activity Kits for kids which can be mailed to 1106 East 59th Street, Savannah, GA 31404.

If you have a community organization or business in Atlanta, Savannah or the Georgia state area, please get in touch with Creative Approach about how we might be able to help you.

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