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Creative Cares, powered by Creative Approach Atlanta is committed to making the world a better place through service to customers, community, and team-members. We work to support causes close to the hearts not only of our leadership team but of every team member. This previous quarter, 3rd quarter 2019, our cause was Hands On Atlanta – a volunteering charity in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hands on Atlanta tackles Atlanta’s most pressing needs by igniting a passion for volunteerism and creating a life-long community of volunteers. The organization offers a treasure trove of opportunities to make a difference in the issues people care about: arts & culture, environmental, youth & family services, health & wellness, hunger & homelessness, senior care, and so much more. ⁠

Almost 30 years ago, a busy Elise Eplan, was a newly minted investment banker, having trouble finding time to volunteer at service organizations. Her and her friends’ work schedules clashed with nonprofits’ 9-5 weekday programs. So, she and 11 acquaintances came up with a more organized and flexible business model for volunteering. The 12 volunteered as a group. If an agency needed a weekly volunteer, rather than one person having to make a weekly commitment, the group worked together to fill that slot. That gave them flexibility. They also offered to work weekends, promising agencies they could supply a number of people. The idea, which began with an informal meeting back in 1989 has become a one-stop shop to bring together Atlanta volunteers and nonprofits.

“It was the end of the ’80s with ‘greed is good’ and all of that and there were many of us who were rebelling and saying that is not us. We still have a heart and a soul and we care about this city.” — Co-founder, Elise Eplan.

We are excited to support Hands On Atlanta and wish them the best in developing the caring side of Atlanta and connecting those who need help with those who are ready to volunteer.