faq and policies


The team at Creative Approach strives to offer fast, easy, affordable and professional quality graphic design, printing, wide format solutions, promotional products and customer service. There are no such things as stupid questions. We welcome all inquiries no matter how big, small, or strange (and we've heard them all!). Here are a few time savers to help you regarding our services.

Hours of operation

Please note store hours are subject to change. Creative Approach is a seasonal business and in slower seasons the standard hours will apply of Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Please visit for current hours. During SCAD FINALS our store hours may vary. Please visit our website for extended hours and days during these times. Sales, Production, Art Department, and all other Back of the House personnel operate Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

computer usage

Creative Approach does not charge for computer usage. No credit card needed. You are free to use any available computer on the floor allowed to stay as long as you like, as long as you are printing and not inconveniencing another customer. Guest Wi-fi is available. Our Apple computers are installed with Adobe Creative Suite's InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. We also use the web browser Safari. You are able to download your files from your email, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Wetransfer. You can also use thumb drives and external hard drives. But don't forget to take them with you! We have a lost and found just in case you did. When the floor is busy, you may be asked to take a number. Please sign in and wait for your number to be called. Floor staff will help you print your materials and guide you, however, they do not design for you. Our team is helpful, knowledgeable, and resourceful. They rock!


Off-street parking is available in front of the building and around the corner on Jones Street. Please do not park in any lots behind the building. Lot parking is for our neighbors B&B Paint. Rancho Alegre Cuban Restaurant , Callen Trust, National Tailors, PULP Bookstore, and SCAD only. Park at your own risk.

Pricing and Estimates

Project managers can provide clients with free price quotes, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Contact Molly Talbot at or Marty Williams at They will happily speak with you and/or meet with you about a project you want to produce. The floor staff and Graphic designers do not have access to price quotes.


Production is a first-come, first-serve basis. Most jobs are printed in 24-48 hours. Small jobs can be produced next-day, however it depends on the print traffic ahead of your job. Promotional items and special order items, such as cups and folders, normally take 7-14 business days. Rush orders (same day) require a $25 fee. Why? Jobs are already in-line on the press. When we have to stop jobs already in the queue, it hurts time and supplies. Do not contact the production department for pricing, quotes, or job ETA. Contact the project managers for price quotes. The front desk will call you when your jobs are ready for pick up. If you have not received a call or an email that your order is ready, it will not be available for pickup. We will let you know as soon as your project is hot off the press!

Graphic Design

Our standard rate is $80/hour ($40/half hour). Full payment of estimated design time is required before any artwork begins. If the job hours were longer than initially estimated, the client is responsible for the remaining balance in their final invoice. Please specify your cap on hours before the job progresses. We don't like to give our clients sticker shock. We want to work within your budget. We work with the Adobe Creative Suite's InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. We do not design in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Publisher.

Clients are able to meet face to face with a designer. Walk-ins are welcome, but does not guarantee an immediate meeting. It's best to call or email the designer directly to make an appointment for a later date. Meetings over an hour can accumulate design time. Please provide all the materials needed for your job. This includes, specifications, measurements, deadlines, quantity, colors, high resolution images (at least 300dpi), vector logos and/or images, and extensive verbiage. We accept emailed files, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Wetransfer, thumb drives, external hard drives, and CDs. We can also scan images up to 11x17. In the case of ad/tagline content development, please understand that design time will accumulate for this skill/service. Clients must make sure their materials are in order so design time doesn't go over their hourly cap.

Once all necessary materials are gathered and there is clear direction on the project, the graphic designer will begin working on the job within 24 hours (if workload allows). Client will receive proofs of the job(s) before anything goes to print. Clients can make revisions and edit any information (this counts towards design time). Printed proofs are available for $10/print. When the client has emailed written approval, or signed off of the proof, we will send the order to production. The assigned project manger will send the client a final estimate. After the client have approved it, the job is sent to production. However, once the job is in production, it cannot be stopped. If a client has revisions to make after it's been sent through, the client is responsible for the payment of all prints, including reprints and additional graphic design time it may take for editing the project.

We keep all files backed up in our archives. If a client needs to access them for any reason, we can provide a trusted link. We ask to keep our graphic designers up to date with your brand and marketing so they are in sync with your business needs. All design work is the property of the client. Not the designer.

Logo Design

Our rate for logo design is $350. Full payment of estimated design time is required before any artwork begins. This includes 5 hours of design time resulting in research, design, proofing, revisions, and finalizing. Finalizing means creating the file types you will need. Vector Files (Ai, EPS, PDF), Print Files, (JPG, TIFF), and Web Files (PNG, JPG). You will receive final logos in full color and solid black and white. Wait! That's not all! Along with your logo, you will receive a branding guide to help you understand these logo files and the proper way to use the logos. It will help you and your clients to properly use your logo. Remember, no stretching! And we DO NOT copy other company logos. We're not a fan of lawsuits and want no part of copyright infringement. It's the responsibility of the client to have their logo copyrighted and trade marked.

Vinyl Installation

We offer a wide range of cut vinyl. Colors, metallic, frosted and more! We can even provide print-cuts which uses your specific color or custom graphic. We can design, print, and install everything from window and door graphics, vinyl lettering for your vehicle, privacy film, wall decals, or even full murals. Inside or outside! Whether you need vinyl for your business or just a fun decal of your favorite sports hero, we can normally have it ready in about 48 hours. Our standard rate is $50/hour ($100/hour for a large, two-person installation). Our installer will contact you to schedule an install. For cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, boats, etc, we ask you drop off your here are Creative Approach. Unfortunately we do not offer full vehicle wraps, only decals and lettering. The biggest decal we print in-house is 52 inches wide. Length can be determined. If you need something larger, contact one of our Project Managers, and they will find you the best option. Please note, to place vinyl on vehicles, you must have it freshly cleaned and dry, without wax, or else the vinyl won't stick to the vehicle. If your walls are newly painted, the vinyl may not adhere well. Although the paint will be cured to touch, added decals can peel off the paint. Please wait 2-4 weeks before placing vinyl decals on newly painted walls. For all other vinyl inquiries, please contact Tommy Piper at or call 912.421.1869.