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Curious to see how our team works to bring a project to life? We work the long hard hours to make the visions of businesses and creatives a reality. Take a look behind the curtain and see what it takes to breathe life into some of our favorite projects*!

*We don't actually play favorites, but we can't write about all our awesome clients :)

Brandi L. Benson helps us “Defeat With Purpose”

At Creative Approach our clientèle are important to us. As creative creatures ourselves  – we understand the process, the trials and tribulations of working in a competitive industry. We understand the elation that success brings. This blog shares the success of our clients with the world as a way of showing off the brilliant talent […]

Creative Cares raises over $1,000.00 for Georgia Equality

Creative Approach Cares - Donation to Georgia Equality Q4 2018

Creative Cares, powered by Creative Approach Atlanta is committed to making the world a better place through service to customers, community, and team-members. We work to support causes close to the hearts not only of our leadership team but of every team member. This previous quarter, 4th quarter 2018, our cause was Georgia Equality, raising […]

A Better Buzz

What do 3 bears, Seattle, and the Dirty South have in common? They’ve all been brought to life by local Atlanta artist Buzz Busbee. He is a wickedly talented Art Director and Designer who uses his talents to help brands tell their story in new and unique ways, including a coffee shop you may have heard of, […]