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Surgery is always stressful, but it’s clear to see why Schulze Eye & Surgery Center operates at a higher standard. (Okay, enough puns.)

Schulze Eye & Surgery Center in Savannah, GA needed a fun way to help communicate to potential clients that they were both serious about their work while also engaging their interest. Thus was born the wacky yet squishy solution that is eyeball stress balls!

The Schulze Eye & Surgery Center specializes in custom cataract and lasik surgery, offering you the freedom to see your world clearly, enjoy your favorite activities, and see with less dependence on glasses. Established in 1997, the Schulze Surgery Center was the very first accredited outpatient surgery center in coastal Georgia to specialize exclusively in eye surgery. –Schulze Eye & Surgery Center

We love when a company has a sense of humor and their team is no exception! Are you considering Lasik or cataract surgery? We recommend checking out our friends at Schulze Eye & Surgery Center,

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